”Lävrasiid Äigi” (the original Sami title) means "a time during autumn". From ancient times this was the
time of year when the samies hunted rein deer. A Sami boy dreams about this hunt in the
beginning of the film. Suddenly he hears something he hasn't heard before; joik. He falls in love with
the joiker: the Daughter of the Sun. To get her he needs to keep her hidden for three days and three
nights without lighting a campfire inside his tent. He doesn't.

When he thinks it's cloudy he takes a chance. The Star, which is the father of the Daughter of the Sun,
sees her through the cracks in the clouds and takes her home. But the boy has learned to master the
power of the joik, gets a large herd of rein deer, and experiences the greatest love of all.

The story deals with the power of the joik and how it can affect humans and animals.
But the film is also a hymn to autumn and to love.

I think that the Sami boy is filled with love for the Daughter of the Sun even though he didn't get her.
He has the greatest love within him and nobody can take that away from him.

The sun is the greatest God in Sami mythology . The sun sent his daughter down to the Samis to
teach them the joik. And with the power of the joik they could also tame the wild rein deer.